Write Club Screenplay Challenge is thrilled to know that our efforts to provide creative, fun and educational challenges for screenwriters to hone their skills is proving a success. Congratulations to any and all who step up to accept a challenge, investigate a new aspect of the craft, and give it their all. Good on you!

“Websites like yours and opportunities for no-nonsense feedback really means a lot to those of us who take our craft and our careers seriously. This kind of stuff must be somewhat of a drain on your already busy schedules, so I just want you to know that your efforts to share your knowledge and inspire those of us who are really trying are appreciated and are having a great impact.”
Alain Dominic, dangerouscreenwriter — winner, subtext challenge
“I appreciate your input/critique on my entry for the subtext challenge … I have taken far more away from this challenge than I expected. And the primary lesson is not at all what I expected it to be. I sincerely appreciate your efforts in constructing and maintaining a site that promotes and benefits wannabe writers. I found the challenge intriguing and fun. And a welcome distraction from my current project … it is just fun to practice different aspects of the profession. Thanks to you, I am working on my current screenplay with a more discerning sub-textual eye.”
– Pam Inglese — runner-up, subtext challenge
Thank You for allowing me to be a part of such a passionate and articulate group. The way I looked at this contest, was to come up with a fresh idea, in a short amount of time. This can be a lonely business, but with the outreach and feedback, we can *smile* from time to time.
– Carrie