We Need Your Expertise

Are you an industry professional interested in being a guest ref for one of our challenges?

  • Professional Reader
  • Script Consultant/Analyst
  • Working Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Author

We know you’re crazy busy. So we try to keep it simple.

  • Who defines the Challenge? If you want, you can define the rules and theme of the challenge, and even how many entrants you’re willing to accept. Otherwise, we’ll take care of it.
  • Easy Peasy: Ref a Popular Vote Challenge: Here, the audience determines the winner by popular vote, so you don’t need to read all the entries (unless you’re so inclined.) But you will read the winner, and offer the winning writer a paragraph or two of constructive comments (about 250-450 words.) It’ll be posted in the public forum so everyone can learn from it.
  • Also Easy but Less Peasy: Ref a Refereed Challenge: This is a little more time-consuming. You’ll need to read all the entries, because you’ll choose the winner and a runner-up. Then, just like above, offer the winning writer constructive comments (about 250-450 words.) Plus, a little insight into any recurring issues in the other entries (in general, not per entry) so other entrants might get a glimpse of what kept them out of the winner’s circle.

In exchange for your time and expertise, your bio will be posted, along with links to your site and services. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping build a motivational and creative community.

And of course the undying gratitude of everyone involved.

We’d love to hear from you.

Be A Referee!

Our Esteemed Referees To Date…

erikka innes

Erikka Innes – Erikka is a nationally touring comedian and award-winning writer. She can be heard on Sirius/XM’s “Get Off My Lawn,” and as a co-host of “Grand Theft Audio.” She is a former writer for the television show “Fondle the Fear” and a columnist for The OC Voice. Erikka also produced and directed the award winning short film “Pool Pirates,” and co-authored the joke book “My Joke Book.” Visit ErikkaInnes.com

denise-gossettDenise Gossett – Denise is the founder and Director of the Shriekfest Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival, which runs in L.A. each October, and an actor. A certified Scream Queen in her own right, Denise has seen a lot of screenplays come through her festival, and is a prolific actor in a variety of titles and genres.

John RaineyJohn Rainey – Rated the #1 screenwriting analyst in the country by Creative Screenwriting Magazine in 2003, John has been in the industry as an actor, screenwriter, reader, and analyst for more than 20 years. Learn more about John’s consulting and writing services at RaineyScriptConsulting.com.

Chip Street, EditorChip Street – Chip is the founder and Editor here at Write Club Challenge. He’s a screenwriter for corporate training scenarios, as well as a sold and optioned indie screenwriter, story analyst, novelist, and essayist. His articles on writing and storytelling have been cited, referenced, or published by CineNation, SimplyScripts, Script Magazine, the BlueCat Newsletter, IndieWire, JohnAugust.com, Bleeding Cool, ScriptTips, Scriptchat, MovieOutline.com, No Film School, and Wikipedia. More at ChipStreet.com.

No Time To Ref, But Willing To Sponsor?

If being a Referee is too much for your schedule, I get it. No problem.

But how about donating a prize to a future challenge?

  • Screenplay Analysis
  • Signed copy of your awesome book
  • Free tickets to your film fest
  • Free entry to your screenwriting test
  • Free access to your online service/software
  • Other

It’s a great way to give back to the community, support emerging writers, and generally be a good human. 😉

Be A Sponsor!

Our Esteemed Sponsors To Date…

Nationally touring comedian and award-winning writer Erikka Innes donated a copy of “Sex with Nerds” and “My Joke Book.”

Shriekfest Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival donated festival passes, advertising space in their program, a link on their site, and a T-shirt!

sony logoSONY in conjunction with BOSI donated a copy of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum!